Break the Generational Curse

Stop saying that word, and break the generational curse. “What word?,” You ask. The word, “broke.” Do you use it? Take that word out of your vocabulary right now. When it comes to having money, you should never use certain words. We stopped using that word in our household a long time ago. It just didn’t match the type of life we wanted to live. If money isn’t coming the way it needs to flow, we may say, “We’re having a financial challenge, but with a little prayer and creativity, that can be fixed.” Why is it important to watch what you say in reference to your financial circumstances?

The Power of Words

“Power of life and death resides in the tongue…” – Proverbs 18:21 (ESV). That ancient Proverb is true. Have you ever noticed how could your soul feels when someone speaks encouraging words to you? Have you noticed the opposite feeling when someone speaks mean words to you? See, our words have power, and when you say, “I am broke,” You are speaking mean, demeaning words over your financial lives.

7 Ways to Break the Generational Curse With Your Words

Consider this. Start saying positive words over your financial life, and see if you do not start seeing positive results. What type of words could you use? Well, start with short phrases that you repeat each time you start to utter something negative.

  1. I have many blessings. (Actually count your blessings)
  2. Money is attracted to me.
  3. Money is not the root of all evil. (That is a misinterpretation of                 1-Timothy 6:10). Take a look at the verse, and see what it really says.
  4. I have good money management skills. (Even if you don’t, start saying it; and put it into practice).
  5. I love helping others. (This will incentivize you to have money to be able to do for someone else less fortunate).
  6. I love being able to buy things for myself when I want to.
  7. I always practice giving.

The key is to practice speaking positive things over your financial life instead of negative things. Speaking life into your own life will make a world of difference.

Break the Generational Curse by Regrouping Thought Patterns

Also, when you start picturing negative images of what if situations that may never happen, stop! Just stop, and regroup your thoughts. Observe the negative thoughts but don’t engage them. It’s like sitting on a park bench watching other pedestrians pass by. You watch them but don’t have a conversation with each one of them, right?

Practice that with thoughts. “Woo-saa” it out, and then you replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. We have to train ourselves to think and talk positive in a negative world. Engaging in negative “broke” talk with others will definitely counteract your efforts as wells.

The Power of Turning Negative Talk to Positive Words

In speaking with a client who makes well over a quarter million dollars a year who said she was talking to a friend. They were always conversing about why they don’t have any money. Instantly, I knew what the issue was. The sheer belief and conversations about the business not having money was spreading negative sabotaging energy. It was time to redirect those conversations, and change the subject.

I sent my client a link to a audio book on YouTube. If you want to see what I sent her, you can check it out here. It’s a powerful audio book that tells you how to change your life through thought. After all, the world you and I live in exists because of a thought. Who we surround ourselves with for meaningful conversation can help us or harm us; so choose who and how you talk to wisely.

We hope you apply these principles in business and life. Your words send out powerful vibrations that can bring life or kill. Use those suggestions to break the generational curse of being and saying you are broke. Check out the ebook

the Transition – Starting Your Own Business

It is full of helpful exercises that can help new and seasoned business owners with increasing your revenue. Practice the exercises, and watch your life change. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Leave a comment. We love reading your thoughts.

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