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We do not have a one size fits all model. Our assessments are bespoke, tailor made for your business. Your bespoke assessment does a deep dive into your business’ structural stability. We help you see your company from a lender’s perspective. This enables you to recognize red flags that will hinder your business from obtaining the maximum amount of funding.

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Bespoke Business Growth Assessments

We are enthusiastic about seeing your business succeed! Find out how a business assessment can help your business obtain sustainable growth by helping you see your business from a lender’s perspective. How does this benefit your business?

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Entrepreneurial Leadership
Entrepreneurial Leadership

Discover how adopting effective entrepreneurial leadership practices can help you outrank your competition and achieve remarkable success.

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Want to become an agent? Receive online training to assist business owners in building their business’ credibility/credit.

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Felicia Jeffries.

Felicia, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

Moore Financial Services is not associated with any of these media outlets.

Moore Financial Services, a family-owned company with offices located in Texas, has started a very significant movement with a mission to help over 1,000 small business owners successfully build their business credit by the end of 2021.

Moore Financial Services is not associated with any of these media outlets.

Felicia Jeffries is the type of person to think big and act on her thoughts. In 2010, she became a paralegal. She worked at a business and bankruptcy law firm under one of the few black female business and bankruptcy attorneys in North Texas.

Moore Financial Services is not associated with any of these media outlets.

Moore Financial Services has all the support you need

COVID – 19 has taken a toll on the American economy; furthermore, inside that economy are business owners who have taken the greatest hit. The number of black owned businesses compared to white owned businesses have taken the greatest hit during the pandemic.


Preparing Business Owners for Substantial Growth

Q & A section

What are some red flags that lenders look for?
Some of these red flags include: Mix-match information, using personal identifiers instead of business identifiers, business credit errors, personal credit errors, etc.
Complete the assessment questionnaire to make a worthwhile investment into the growth of your business’ profit margins.

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