Corporate Compliance

Your LLC or Corporation should not be without certain legal documents. These documents help to maintain the legal compliance of the company when they are used as guidelines. They clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the members, managers, or governing officers, and they set forth clear direction on how the company should be ran. These documents help to protect you in case of law suits. They also outline the responsibility the company has toward you as the manager and even the employee of it. These documents are necessary oftentimes when applying for funding with banks, when applying for certain grants, and instances where your company may end up in court.

What are they?

Operating Agreement or Corporate By laws

An operating agreement.

An LLC operating agreement identifies the company, states its ownership, defines member duties and lays out other structural features of the business.

Corporate Bylaws

The bylaws are the regulations of a corporation. They contain the basic rules for the conduct of the corporation’s business and affairs.

Employee Agreement

An employment agreement is a contract between an employer and employee that outlines the terms and conditions of the working relationship. Note: Many business owners fail to receive the benefits of setting themselves up as employees of their businesses. They miss out on unemployment compensation, certain tax credits, and other employee benefits.

LLC Loan Agreement or Shareholder Loan Agreement

You can loan money to your LLC or Corporation. The only hitch is that you’ll need to have the proper paperwork drafted to acknowledge what the business owes you and how it will repay the loan. In addition, your company will need to make regular payments, and you’ll have to charge at least a nominal interest rate to make the transaction legal. This ensures the money you put into your company is not looked at as taxable income, and you receive more favorable tax treatment.

Vehicle Use Agreement

This document is a legally binding agreement that will protect your fleet and your company’s interests. Your company should have an agreement in place even if it owns just one vehicle. It also helps protect you, the employee in case of an accident.

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