Cyber Monday Guide: How to Find the Best Deals and Avoid Scams

One of the most important online sales events of the year will be a great opportunity to access important discounts as well as to fall into virtual traps and scams. Find out how to buy safely.

Cyber Monday, one of the most important online sales events in the country, will take place next week between November 1 and 3. It is a great opportunity to access important discounts and to make those purchases that were never made.

In the context of a pandemic, just as more and more users are adopting eCommerce, more and more people are falling into the trap of false advertising or scams. Therefore, we tell you how to avoid virtual deceptions.

Cyber Monday Guide: How to Avoid Scams

To avoid falling into deceptions or virtual scams, you should follow the following recommendations:

  • Always enter the websites of the companies participating in the event, which can be verified through the official Cyber ​​Monday page.
  • When entering the page of a brand, you must verify that there is a yellow padlock in the lower right part of the screen, next to the Internet symbol. It means that the website is secure. If it doesn’t appear, then you don’t have a secure connection to your browser. This feature should be displayed when you get to the page to make the payment, not at home. Also, if the page URL starts with https: //, it is secure; if the URL starts with http: // (without the “s”), it is not secure. And, if the browser’s address bar is green, you can be sure that the page is from the entity it claims to be. It must be displayed when the page is reached to make the payment.
  • Regarding sellers, the buyer should look at the contact information since if it is unusual or comes from a country that has nothing to do with the brand of the product, then it is not trustworthy.
  • The publisher of a website, the author of a blog, or the merchant of an online store must advertise the legal notices on their website. Otherwise, it is considered an illegal site.
  • Never reach the website through links available on third-party pages or emails.
  •  When buying, provide only the information absolutely essential for the operation. If an online store requires information that is not considered essential, then it is better to make the purchase elsewhere.

Cyber Monday Guide: How to Find the Best Deals

Knowing where to compare CyberMonday prices is an important tool to take advantage of real offers and not be the victim of deception. That is why it is good to know pages to see offers and price history.

Cyber Monday

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